P1M allocated for mid-year cash gift to Pasig barangay seniors

Published June 28, 2022, 10:46 AM

by Patrick Garcia

A barangay in Pasig City announced on Monday, June 27, that it has allocated nearly P1 million for the mid-year cash gift for its senior citizen residents.

Barangay San Antonio (BSA) Chairman Raymond Lising said that a total of 976 senior citizens in their barangay will each get a P1,000 mid-year cash gift.

“We have allocated P976,000 to fund the mid-year cash gift program of our barangay as we currently have 976 registered senior citizens in our barangay,” Lising said.

To ensure the safety of BSA’s senior citizens amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Lising said that BSA’s barangay staff will personally deliver the cash gifts door-to-door to its beneficiaries. He said the barangay eyes to finish distributing the mid-year cash gift to senior citizens this June.

He also announced that the BSA will also give a P5,000 cash gift to senior citizens who will turn 90 this year. It will be released by August.

“Our barangay will also give P10,000 to one of our senior citizens who has recently turned 100 years old,” Lising said.

He identified the barangay’s newest centenarian as Luisa Quintana.

Lising explained that providing senior citizens with cash gifts is the barangay’s way of showing its gratitude to seniors who have contributed to the growth of the BSA community.

“What we are doing is just a small token of appreciation to our senior citizens. They have contributed so much to the growth of the barangay, it is only befitting to thank them by giving them financial aid especially now that we are facing a pandemic,” Lising said.

Last year, the barangay also provided a P1,000 mid-year cash gift to 819 senior citizens.