YGG Pilipinas launches YGG Playhouse – bringing content creation to a whole new level

Published June 27, 2022, 3:24 PM

by Jonathan Castillo

By April Daria Salazar

Filipino-led gaming guild, Yield Guild Games (YGG) launches its content hub – the YGG Playhouse.  It will create space for content creators for them to collaborate and develop effective content to enrich the community.

“It is during unfavorable circumstances when the community needs to band together even more, so we can continue supporting Filipinos who need sources of livelihood,” YGG Pilipinas Country Manager Luis Buenaventura said. “The YGG Playhouse is one of the many initiatives we are organizing to help bind this community by upholding empowerment and inclusivity while gearing ourselves up for better opportunities.”


                                                     Luis Buenaventura, YGG Pilipinas Country Manager

The YGG Playhouse is in line with YGG’s direction to nurture a democratic and collaborative environment where members can thrive beyond gaming. It will act as a studio where content creators develop effective materials that highlight the impact of the play-to-earn community, and future expansions, in the lives of the “new heroes” – ordinary Filipinos who found opportunities in the metaverse to support their families.

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YGG All Stars

YGG is also working with content creators Jomari “ArcherPerez” David, Vittorio Miguel “VMG” Gonzales, Enrico Jerome “Boarknock” Toliongco, and Gerald Rivera “Jobols” Domingo in developing content that can achieve the objectives of the YGG Playhouse. The community can expect content hinging on community events, joint streams, showdowns, financial literacy, and everyday life with crypto, among others. 

“We are honored that YGG values the work that we do for the community, and we are very excited to work with them to achieve the same goal. We have always enjoyed creating content for the community, but it is even more meaningful now knowing that we can contribute to a strong advocacy,” Boarknock said.

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Alongside the launch of the YGG Playhouse, Buenaventura also announced the YGG Playhouse Series, a show featuring developed content through the hub.

Buenaventura added that YGG is dedicated to finding opportunities for Filipinos to thrive in the metaverse, stressing that Web3 can enable a robust working economy. “YGG is working hard to forge paths in the metaverse that can benefit Filipinos. The YGG Playhouse is a crucial step for us in this direction, and we hope that with our efforts, the community will be in a much better position to maximize the potential of Web3.” 

Check out YGG Playhouse on the following channels: YGG Pilipinas Facebook Page, YGG Pilipinas Youtube Channel, YGG Facebook Page, YGG Youtube Channel, YGG Twitter, and YGG Twitch.