Jaja Maraguinot foregoes remaining UAAP playing years

Published June 25, 2022, 5:39 PM

by Carlo Anolin

Ateneo setter Jaja Maraguinot may have hung his jersey for good in the UAAP.

Jaja Maraguinot (UAAP Media)

Maraguinot announced that she won’t be playing in the collegiate league anymore in her farewell speech during the Blue Eagles’ fans’ day Saturday, June 25.

Jaja, the younger sister of former Ateneo skipper Jho, has played two full seasons in the UAAP.

She was also part of the roster in the shortened 82nd season as a sophomore.

“As I stand in front of you today, I have decided to take a new path, to look for, and take new opportunities, and to learn more outside Ateneo,” said the 21-year-old Maraguinot.

“I am Jaja Maraguinot, jersey number six of Ateneo Blue Eagles, now signing off.”

Maraguinot was the main setter of the Blue Eagles in Season 84, orchestrating plays for Ateneo top hitters Faith Nisperos and Vannie Gandler, among others.

Ateneo, despite a slow 0-3 start in the first round, rose to the occasion mid-season and clawed its way to playoff contention and eventually the first stage of the stepladder.

The Blue Eagles then cruised past third-seeded University of Santo Tomas Golden Tigresses before yielding to second-ranked De La Salle Lady Spikers.

Aside from Maraguinot, captain-libero Dani Ravena has also parted ways with Ateneo after exhausting her playing years.