THE GOOD IN A BAD BREAKUP: Finding the silver lining in letting go, according to celebrity life coach Myke Celis

Myke Celis

For the nth time this year, we have seen yet another celebrity couple break up just a few months after getting married. While a lot of us were taken by surprise and quite saddened by it, break-ups though in fact, happen every single day, to different people, celebrities and not. Indeed, some good things never last.

However, is it all that bad when a relationship ceases to exist? Or is there a silver lining to it?

“At first it may be hard to process everything, more so see the silver linings, but it’s quite possible. The key here is to have ample time and space to reflect,” says Coach Myke Celis, a household name in the global coaching and writing industry, best known for his #bestmeever platform.

The celebrity life coach and international best-selling author further states that both parties need not force things at all.

“Less is more whenever it comes to break-ups: less talk, fewer mistakes. Fewer people who know, less pressure. Both of which contribute to a healthier space for healing and recovery. Remember, the goal is not to be ok immediately because healing really takes time. The goal is to maximize and learn from the healing process one day at a time.”

But coach, what can be good about breaking up when it hurts so much?

Coach Myke: “It may hurt now, but at times, letting go is actually the lesser evil, just to save whatever last ounce of love and respect remains. It allows both parties to rethink their decisions and process everything that has happened without triggering each other, since they’re in different spaces. Note that not all people who break up actually decide on keeping that state for good; some actually find love even lovielier the second or even third time around.”

“A break-up gives you time to reflect on the following questions: What is my previous relationship teaching me? At this point in time, what is the value of that relationship to me? What can I do to heal one step at a time? And who can support me in my journey? Answering these questions can help one gain clarity about his/her current space and eventually take the whole thing as a learning experience, which then lessens the resistance,” says Coach Myke, who’s also a known expert when it comes to relationships as well with vast experience in helping people cope with their own break-ups.

The celebrity life coach ends with this beautiful reminder:

“At the end of the day, having your own happily ever after is not dependent alone in the relationship you’re in. Sometimes, it can happen after your break-up. You just have to let the dust settle, the heightened emotions go back to normal, and give yourself ample time and space to be able to see the good in the break-up.”