Here’s how to keep your lungs healthy

Published June 19, 2022, 10:23 PM

by MB Lifestyle

If there is one thing that recent events have taught us is that our lungs are of utmost importance to us. Next to the brain and the heart, the lungs are probably the most important thing that we have in our body.

Our lungs, just like our heart, joints, and other parts of our body, age with time. They can become less flexible and lose their strength, which can make it more difficult to breathe. Protecting and guarding the health of our lungs is as important as having a healthy mind and body. It is therefore important to guard our lungs and boost our lung immunity against double threats of pollution and air-borne viral infections. The current healthcare threats have put the focus back on health and overall well-being with immunity becoming the buzzword again.

The focus on lung health cannot be emphasized enough as we’ve experienced the worst when stocks ran out and the availability of essential medicines and medical supplies became a big challenge as more people were inflicted with lung problems. It is vital to take care of the lungs and make them stronger. Lung immunity equates to body immunity.

Guarding your lungs is very important to avoid lung-related health complications. With the quality of the air that we breathe, it is important that we develop stronger lungs that can help improve our breathing and at the same time, enhance its functions.

So, how can we keep our lungs healthy? Supplements are an important aspect of our lives today that go hand in hand with a good and well-balanced nutritional diet. Just the way we boost our immunity, it is also important to boost lung immunity with supplements. I discovered Lungauard®, your daily vitamins for lung immunity that contains the award-winning US patented Snow Pear young fruit extract together
with nine more natural herbs and botanicals that boosts your lung immunity, enhances your lung function, and improves your breathing.

Lunguard® is an FDA-registered supplement that can easily be taken by chewing. Yes, you read this right! As a chewable tablet, it does not only offer us the most convenient way of taking our daily vitamins but also provides us extra lung boost and protection. You may take it together with your Vitamin C! I am sure you will also enjoy the taste of mint flavor and will love the relaxing feel on your throat with the menthol. Most importantly, it is made of natural ingredients hence you don’t need to worry about any effects caused by other synthetic tablets. Buying Lunguard® is also made convenient and hassle-free. Available online via Shopee, Lazada, Edamama, Grabmart, and

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