Features to love in the new Mitsubishi Xpander

Published May 27, 2022, 7:42 AM

by Inigo Roces

Smart design and technology at your convenience

By now you’ve already heard of the highly-anticipated new Mitsubishi Xpander. Taking the MPV segment by storm when it first launched a few years ago, the Xpander has been battling it out with some pretty tough competition over the years. To keep it competitive in this fast-growing segment, Mitsubishi has given it some timely updates to make it even more attractive, easy-to-drive and highly convenient, whether for family use or with friends. We go through some of these key improvements and how they’re useful.

New lights

Easily one of the Xpander’s most appealing aspects is its appearance. Bearing the most futuristic look among its competitors, Mitsubishi has upped the ante with improvements to its most distinctive feature, the slit-type daytime running lamps. These new units now work as true daytime running lamps, activating once the vehicle is turned on. As an added bonus, they work as turn signals as well, with the lower half illuminating in amber when the turn signals or hazard lights are switched on. Changes have been made to its headlights and taillights as well. Both are now in T-shaped housings and use LED technology for lower electricity consumption, brighter output, and better reliability.

Adjustable steering wheel

The Xpander was designed to be easy for anyone to drive. And while seats that can adjust forward backward, and rise in height are common, the same isn’t always true for the steering wheel. Mitsubishi grants all drivers, whether tall or short to find the perfect driving position with its tilt-and-telescopic adjustable steering wheel. This allows the steering wheel to be adjusted in four different directions. In addition to the many ways the seat can be adjusted. As such, it allows the driver to find the perfect driving position to match their body type.

Electronic parking brake

Typically found in more expensive cars, the electronic parking brake is now equipped in the Xpander. This new system replaces the conventional manual handbrake with an electronic assisted one. No more need to pull the noisy handbrake all the way up to prevent the car from rolling back on an incline. The electronic handbrake does the job more quietly, always applying the right amount of pressure to prevent the car from rolling. Disengaging it is easy too. Simply press the toggle button down to release.

In addition, it also comes with an auto-hold feature. Designed for stop-and-go traffic, the auto-hold feature automatically engages the handbrake when the car comes to a full stop. This allows the driver to take their foot off the brake to rest at stoplights, even while it’s still on “D.” Once the light turns green, simply step on the throttle gently and the handbrake will release. No more fiddling with the handbrake toggle repeatedly.

Smart storage spaces

Our usual drives have changed drastically, what with the advent of new health and safety restrictions as well as new cashless payment systems for expressways. The Xpander has thankfully adapted with the times with its new, smarter storage spaces. Nearly every car has a box of Kleenexes inside. For those that like to keep things tidy, the Xpander integrates a handy storage for it under the center armrest. Have both Easytrip and Autosweep cars? There are storage spaces for these under the climate control system. There’s a shelf above the glove box to keep pens and clips handy. There are many more storage spaces around the car in various sizes to keep notebooks, vital documents and tumblers of various sizes.

Shoe storage

For the guys or ladies that lead active lifestyles or simple prefer to drive with a more comfortable pair of footwear, the Xpander has you covered there too. The vehicle features storage spaces to store various kinds of shoes or a change of clothes. The first is a drawer under the passenger’s seat, making it convenient to switch to comfortable driving shoes. The second space is in the cargo area. This features three compartments that can also store shoes, a change of clothes, or any other item you may need. There are also cuts in the divider that allow you to store an umbrella length-wise.

Device chargers

What driver doesn’t go around with a number of devices these days? For those that always want to stay connected, the Xpander has a solution. On the dashboard is a power socket to connect the practically mandatory dashcam. There’s also a USB port to connect your smart phone or a thumb drive with MP3s. On the second row is another pair of USB ports that passengers behind can use to charge their gadgets.