SPOTLIGHT: Man of the World PH Nadim Elzein and Runway Model Universe PH Junichi Yabushita ready for int’l pageants

Published May 23, 2022, 10:45 PM

by Robert Requintina

Man of the World Philippines Nadim Elzein (left) and Runway Model Universe Philippines Junichi Yabuhista

Man of the World Philippines Nadim Elzein and Runway Model Universe Philippines Junichi Yabuhista are all set to compete in their respective international pageants, both of which will be held in the Philippines in May and June this year.

During the double send-off event held at the B Hotel in Timog, Quezon City recently, Nadim and Junichi shared their thoughts on why they deserve to be the next winners in the upcoming competitions.

Manila Bulletin Entertainment: Tell us about the pageants you’re competing in. 

Nadim: “I’m competing in Man of the World 2022. As you can see, I have the title right now Man of the World Philippines, and I saw the contestants, [in] Man of the world Philippines, and it was a nice competition, friendly competition, and enjoyed it. But, this time it’s going to be more international, and I saw already half of the candidates through social media. And I can’t wait to meet them. Hopefully, it would be a clean competition, and wonderful, like it’s going to be fun. It’s not always about the crown, just have fun with it, enjoy, and just be prepared for whatever is coming. So, that’s what I’m doing right now preparing, physique, watching movies, and not reading as many books, just watching movies, and interacting with people.”

Junichi: “I’m joining Mr. Runway Model Universe. It’s an international modeling search, looking for models who are also world models. The vision and mission of the pageant is to find an ambassador that could really be an image of their association or organization. People or models that can help other people in giving value to education, especially through arts as well.” 

MBE: What is the most important quality of Man of the World winner? What are they looking for?

Nadim: “Man of the World is looking for, as the logo says, muscularity, and responsibility. My main advocacy is more about physical and mental health. So, it’s more about your physical and mental health, how you take care of yourself. I just see the tragedy that we went through to Covid-19. My advocacy is more on keep your health in check, train every day, try to train every day, eat healthy, keep your mentality stable, so we can stay safe over all. And, right now it’s the good, it’s the best, for me, it’s the best advocacy to spread out to the international candidates, and say take care of your health. This time is the moment that you can spread something international not [just] national.” 

MBE: How about the Runway Model Universe competition?

Junichi: “I think one of the most important qualities that they’re looking for is someone who can really speak. They’re focused on advocacy, promoting it internationally. So, I believe someone who is fearless in speaking, and inspiring other people, and most especially someone who can really open topics that could really, that we could really address. Not just a person, or an ambassador, but as a community. Because, when we act together, it has a bigger effect in our society.” 

MBE: How has joining pageants changed you?

Nadim: “How did it change me? It made me more confident to talk to people as well. So whatever I say confidently, and whatever my advocacy is all about in ‘Man of the World’ it was like spread, easily. So, yeah, it’s giving me more. 

Junichi: “For me, aside from the opportunities that came my way after winning the title for the Philippines, for me, what really changed is the elevation of the responsibility not just on the national scale level. I’m trying to be an ambassador for an international community. There are two different languages, two different people, and I have to connect them to one another through me. So, that’s the main thing that really changed my life. I have to be better. I’ve trained to be national, International competent in every aspect that I do.”

MBE: What were some of your realizations during the pandemic? What have you learned?

Nadim: “Always be ready. Always be ready for anything, so think of the worst possibility [that] may happen, and just be ready for that. And, I learned that one of the reflections in my answers in ‘Man of the World’ when they asked me ‘what’s the most important job, what’s the best job during the pandemic?’ So, I said frontliners. Always invest in those people who can support us in a way of this tragedy, ‘cause you never know when you need it.” 

Junichi: “To really invest your time wisely, like invest your time to people that really matter to you, invest your time to a job that really makes you happy, not just for a job that you want to settle with, and save money for your future. I think time is important. How you spend that time is the very important lesson that I’ve learned through that pandemic. 

MBE: What are your hobbies? What do you like to do best when not busy?

Junichi: “I’m studying, because right now I’m taking another course, which is actually my second course. So, I’m taking veterinary medicine so most of the time I’m spending my time studying, maybe answering exams, modules, but most of the time also watch movies instead of studying, or playing maybe Mobile Legends like other people. Yes, my dogs as well, and my tortoise.” 

Nadim: “I’m more as an extreme sport guy, so like if I’m not busy I would swim or jet ski. I always like to ride in a track, race on a track, if I can flip jump I would do it. Like, I’m more of an extreme guy who likes to experience everything as an adventure time, with anyone.” 

MBE: Why should you be the next “Man of the World”?

Nadim: “If I’m worthy enough to be the next ‘Man of the World,’ and the people want me to be the ‘Man of the World International,’ of course I have to accept that. As the ‘Man of the World Philippines’ the people believed in me, so if the international people, everyone can believe in me, so why not?”   

MBE: Why should you be the next “Mr. Runway Model Universe?

Junichi: “Because, throughout my experience, I’ve heard that they are looking for someone who can speak, and use those words to create change. I believe that I have been working on that aspect of my preparation, and most especially I’m most passionate about talking, and especially changing people’s lives. And, using my experiences throughout life I can use this platform to relate to people, so that they can do as well, come out from those problems like I did. And, with those reasons, I believe I am worthy of the title.” (Translated by Jazzle Anne Calanao and Diannevie Feliciano/OJT from City of Malabon University)

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