FAMOUS: Janah Zaplan: The singer is now a pilot

Published May 20, 2022, 9:13 AM

by Jeff Fernando

Zanah Zaplan

Star Music artist Janah Zaplan has revealed that she is focused on her studies aside from her promising singing career.

“I’m taking up Bachelors in Science Major in Flying at Air Link International Aviation College. It is a course for three years and four months. But you need to finish the flying time requirement which is 210 hours. It challenges my comfort zone knowing that it takes so much effort to fly a plane not just having a strong physique but mental and emotional toughness as well. I want to break the bias that women can do it too kasi kayang kaya. In fact, there are many women pilots out there who are making names already. Also, it’s just really cool to see them walking down the airport so sleek and posh. Fun fact, my dad was also supposed to become one so parang sinundan ko na rin yung kanyang yapak,” Janah said.

Janah also recounted the hardships and sacrifices she has gone through to achieve her goals.

“It really does take time kasi malayo po training and you need to build hours kaya I’m lucky enough to have people who understand my situation. In fact, tinutulak pa nila ako to pursue this dream. But of course, time management pa rin ang importante. It can be difficult at times to the point na magbreakdown pero it becomes bearable if you have the drive and motivation to continue what you want in life. Star Music has a lot of opportunities that awaits me. I just grab every opportunity that comes in my way,” she added.

A confessed fan of Sarah Geronimo, Janah thanked her followers for supporting her goal to become a pilot and still be a singer/performer.

“I just want to thank everyone who has been supporting me ever since. Kayo yung nagpupush sakin to do better and better everyday. Sana next time when everything is fine already we get to see each other once again dahil nakakamiss lahat ng sigaw niyo. I couldn’t wait for the upcoming years with you guys,” she said.

Janah gained fame with her hit songs “Di Ko Na Kaya” and “Mahal Na Kita” in 2018; “More Than That” and her first Christmas single “Sana Lagi ay Pasko” in 2019 and “Himbing” in 2020.


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