This one-stop beauty and wellness shop helps you live a better life

Published May 13, 2022, 12:50 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

A percentage of their sales go to chosen foundations, too!

Beauty isn’t only skin deep, because achieving the most beautiful version of yourself entails a lifestyle choice. The turn of the century has brought us back to ancient times and how they value wellness in relation to overall beauty.

Rhoda Aldanese, co-founder, with guest Liz Lanuzo, and the brand’s Marketing and Merchandise Director Rochelle Romero

Meet Beauty Scout, the latest online site for curated offerings that covers beauty, skincare, health, wellness, home and living, and rituals. They come in special boxes and subscriptions that cater to your lifestyle. What makes them different from the other beauty brands? “It’s the belief that beauty is beyond skin deep and nourishing what’s within is of utmost importance. It begins with what we feed
and nourish our bodies and how we sustain our physical and mental states.”

Apart from taking care of oneself, inside and out, Beauty Scout works by giving back to the community. Through this initiative Scout For A Cause, proceeds from every purchase go to organizations such as Bright Faces, iCanServe, STEPS Scholarship Foundation, and Voice of the Free.

Beauty Scout has a personal concierge service via 0906-3461388 and visit this link.