P56-M first modernized barangay hall in Baguio inaugurated

Published May 6, 2022, 4:53 PM

by Comanda Rizaldy C.

BAGUIO CITY – Mayor Benjamin Magalong and other city officials lead the inauguration of the first modernized barangay hall of Bakakeng Central Barangay with basketball court, sports center, day care center, senior citizens’ center, offices, and evacuation center.

Photo courtesy of Rizaldy Comanda

A total of P56 millions made possible by Sen. Bato dela Rosa had been spent for the construction of the modern building/facility where most of the offices are located.

“I would like to thank Sen. Bato dela Rosa for the funding he has provided to the city for the construction of this modern building,” said Mayor Magalong.

Magalong also thanked the Department of Public Works and Highways, Baguio City District Engineering Office (BCDEO), City Buildings and Architecture Officer (CBAO), CEO, and Jomarcann General Construction for the completion of the quality project that serves as a model of their similar projects in the city.

He said, this is just the beginning, and that other projects such as the West Quirino Hill barangay hall, Irisan Barangay Hall are also being undertaken.

“We have to think big to achieve something big. We are investing so much in our barangay halls so that we can provide resilient and durable evacuation centers for our constituents in case of calamity,” Magalong added.

Magalong said more barangay multi-purpose halls with modernized features will rise in the city following the completion of the Bakakeng Central structure which now serves as the standard for similar projects.

City Buildings and Architecture Officer Arch. Johnny Degay said the Quirino Hill barangay hall is expected to be completed this May while that of the Irisan barangay has already started and would be completed within the year.

Both were smaller in area but will have similar features with that of Bakakeng Central.

Degay said the Bakakeng Central hall has been completed except for the finishing touches like fence, landscaping and generation system.

The structure that has elicited positive feedback from residents for its impressive quality and features serves as the model for all barangays halls in the city as envisioned by Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

It incorporates other amenities like basketball court, evacuation center, day care center, senior citizens office among others.

Magalong has always emphasized his trust to raise the bar of infrastructure project implementation in the city to ensure quality outputs and among those prioritized was the modernization of barangay halls.