This survey will help you decide what Mother's Day gift to buy

Still haven't decided what to get your moms this Mother's Day? This survey just might help you decide what kind of gift to send to them.


In a recent survey conducted in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, Grab app's Southeast Asia's advertising unit asked what 1,992 consumer's plans are this Mother's Day. This new data vis-à-vis past GrabFood and GrabMart transaction trends based on last year's Mother's Day celebration, here are some interesting results. Here they are.

  1. Consumers still plan to shop online.
    Seventy-nine percent of surveyed consumers in the Philippines are planning to buy gifts, with 89 percent of them purchasing online.
  2. Mother's Day gets the highest user traffic on app.
    It's also revealed that there are more users on this day versus Christmas Day, which is the second highest in terms of traffic in 2021.
  3. People spend more on Mother's Day.
    Filipino consumers have more budget when it comes to spending on Mother's Day, spending more money on GrabFood at 40 percent and ordering more than 30 percent on orders. Just goes to show how much we love our moms.
  4. Flowers and sweets top the gift list.
    While flowers are a staple, cake orders via the app increased four times as seen in last year's data. Well, why not send flowers and cakes this time around?
  5. International dishes, pizza, and pork-based dishes are a favorite, too!
    What if your mom is lessening her sugar intake? Then try getting her world-fave dishes, pizza, and pork-based ones as the number on the first two went up twice, while the latter increased 1.4 times last year.

"When it comes to e-commerce shopping days, many brands are excited about days like 11.11 and 12.12, but sometimes miss out on traditional shopping days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Since the pandemic has trained consumers in the Philippines to shop on their phones, we anticipate that online-to-offline superapps will play a much bigger role in shaping the shopper behaviours for the coming Mother’s Day. This is where a superapp like Grab is positioned to capture some of these shifts in behaviours, to help brands and consumers meet their needs for a great Mother’s Day celebration," ends Regional Managing Director and Head of GrabAds and Brand Insights Ken Mandel.