This collection spotlights the beauty that comes from wilting flowers

Published May 4, 2022, 8:35 AM

by John Legaspi

It is all about rest and renewal

For the longest time, floral printed pieces have been a staple in a woman’s clothing. They may raise an eyebrow from a fictional Miranda Priestly and her real-life counterparts, but no one can deny the natural beauty that comes from them and their effect on the wearers. While floral prints always highlight flowers and other scrubs in their prime, one brand looks the other way around and highlights the charm of floras in their wilting stage.

For its latest collection, fashion brand Love, Bonito launches its newest loungewear collection inspired by flowers in their latter stage with a message that says, “beauty in wilting before blooming once again.” The collection is a chic reminder of the importance of taking a rest in order to renew and bloom again.

Photos from Love, Bonito

Featuring its special in-house print, the design was centered around the French saying “Fleur Fanée,” which in English means “wilted flowers.” The creation of the unique flower motif starts by pressing a variety of wilted flowers to get the texture, outlines, and shapes of the petals. Guided by the pressed flowers, the motif is then digitally drawn in and colored, before being stylistically arranged to create the Renewed Blooms print.

“We used tulip for the design as we realized upon wilting, it has more of a feminine and softer shape as compared to other flowers,” AJ Lelis, the brand’s assistant marketing manager, tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

Much like an idyllic springtime garden, the result is something truly wonderful and serene. The Renewed Blooms print is perfectly showcased through kimonos, loose-fitting shirt tops, and flowy lounge bottoms made of rayon, a breathable lightweight fabric. With the collection, the brand also introduces new cuts like a short-sleeved dress with a flattering v-neckline, pieces that will easily find space in many Filipinas’ wardrobes. Thoughtfully made with versatility in mind, pieces from the collection have an added lining that makes them feasible even for a casual jaunt outside.

Love, Bonito’s newest collection is now available at

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