#JustCurious: Kim Chiu asks why Vic Rodriguez is seen and heard more than Bongbong Marcos

Kim Chiu's recent tweet received mixed reaction.

She wrote: "Uhm curious lang po? bakit parang mas si sir spokesperson yung laging sumasagot, nakikita at humaharap? sha po ba yung tatakbo? Diba campaign period palang? Dapat yung nag aapply yung sasagot. Just like in any other JOB APPLICATION or JOB INTERVIEW. #nobashing #justcurious."

Her post came with news about Bongbong Marcos's spokesperson Vic Rodriguez rejecting Vice President Leni Robredo's one-on-one debate challenge to his boss.

Some of the comments:

"Si Kim Chiu ang dahilan ng downfall ng kakampinks. Mukhang ikaw ang may kailangang kumuha ng SPOKESPERSON, KHEEMCHUUUWW!"

"dami ko tawa sau ..jusko"

"Kaya nga Spokeperson."

"Actually, valid din naman question from KIM CHIU. Sometimes, we have to hear from the concerned party himself because we want to know it straight from his mouth. This is timely and a relevant question also! RESPECT!!!"

"ngayon tayo nagkasundo sis. apir!"

"Curious ka naman pala libre naman google te!"

"A busy person is entitled to hire his Spokesperson. They dont have time to answer personally impertinent questions from impertinent people."

"As a taxpayer, you can demand accountability. You're becoming a real good model"

"guys curious lng nmn xa.. educate nio nlng.."

"I think the point is she's asking sino bang job applicant? So If I hire a spoxxs to attend my job interview, pwedeng hindi ako sumagot since spokesperson naman siya and it is his job to asnwer ALL questions in my behalf? Kim adds "nakikita and humaharap" hindi lang "sumasagot."