Letrang Norte's new song 'Salamat Na Lang Sa Lahat' empowers self-love 

Letrang Norte members Louie Kem Anthony Babaran and Rebecca Ruth Resuello appear in classic Filipiniana get-up to promote their latest single 'Salamat Na Lang Sa Lahat' which lands on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist.

Many of the songs we've been hearing in recent years are about letting go of relationships as act of sacrifice or addressing the bitterness of a romance gone cold by nursing one's pain to quite an extent it's almost glorifying the world of the broken hearted. 

A few have tackled that the way to go is to check on oneself because as a classic song once told listeners, it is the greatest love of all. 

Letrang Norte's latest track "Salamat Na Lang Sa Lahat" makes use of crucial lines to emphasize that kind of mentality: "Mahal kita ngunit sarili’y nawawala/ Sarili ay mahalaga." The duo's music  and emphatic vocal harmonies made sure such message is clear and embracing. 

Released and published by Widescope Entertainment, “Salamat Na Lang Sa Lahat” is dropped today, April 29, in popular digital stores. 

The songwriting-singing tandem of Louie Kem Anthony Babaran and Rebecca Ruth Resuello dug into their real experiences to craft a love song that touches the sentiment and decency of the Filipino as a romantic lover. Interestingly, they're donning some classic Filipiniana outfits with nature as backdrop on their digital single cover. 

The fine mix of their music and lyricism reflect the pretty irony that comes between going extreme retro in get-up and pushing relevantly forward in music-making. 

That won't be possible without the support of some gentlemen who are experts in what they do, namely, executive producer Vic de Vera, supervising producer Neil Gregorio, and A&R manager Ebe Dancel. 

Musically, Ruth (vocals, drums & percussion, acoustic guitar, violin, cello) and Louie (vocals, piano, bass guitar, electric guitar), who also worked together in arranging the song, got ample help from mastering specialist Rojh Dychangco Baquiran.

They said, "We imagined a song about a dying relationship, imbued with the realization that self-love is more important than anything else, and that tolerance in a relationship may turn out bad and may pile up until it explodes."

The arresting pre-chorus melody and words should lead listeners to where the song intends to: "Ala-alang namamantsa/ Ng di pagkaunawaan/ Patawad kung may hangganan/ Ang dati’ywalang hanggan."

"'Salamat Na Lang Sa Lahat' is a story of the beginning of the end of a relationship, seen from two opposite perspectives: one letting go to redeem oneself; and one letting go because there is no other choice," the group added. 

Letrang Norte is a story in itself, especially that the two members are practically self-contained musicians who do things authentically raw by themselves and know each other's value in the mix.

To stream and download: https://orcd.co/letrangnorte_salamatnalangsalahat