Sharon Cuneta opens up on Salvador Panelo issue

Sharon Cuneta took to social media to apologize to those who were offended with her reaction to former Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo singing "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas" in a campaign event early this month.

She also explained why she said what she said.

Sharon wrote: "I thought long and hard about whether I should write this, kasi bugbog na bugbog na ang issue at ayoko na sana dagdagan. But I decided to, because in the end, it's the truth that matters, to me and to those of you who'd care to know it.

"I posted about someone singing my song during a campaign sortie that wasn't one of VP Leni and Kiko's. I thought that since I said 'I only allow Leni-Kiko (people) to sing it (during campaign season is what I meant),' people would understand why I reacted in such a way."

According to Sharon she felt "slighted."

"Sa akin, parang minamaliit si Kiko at ang pagtakbo niya ng VP. Dahil sa dinami-dami ng kanta, bakit naman kanta ko pa ang napili? Dahil kaya Goliath ang VP candidate niya sa David kong asawa? Nasaktan ako. Ang pagkakamali ko lang, sana yun mismo ang pinost ko. Pero dinaan ko sa biro at sarcasm, kaya madaming di nakaunawa. Kaya siguro CNN Philippines singled out his performance of my song in an article on CNN Philippines online, suspect it was because they too, found it a bit 'off.'"

The 56-year-old revealed that she has been the target of criticism due to her actions.

"Lahat ng masasakit na salita ginagamit sa akin ng ibang tao," she said.

"My song is thirty-six years old. Ilang libo na ang umawit ng kanta ko sa parties, contests, shows. Never ko ipinagdamot ang awit ko kahit kanino. In fact, I feel honored whenever someone chooses it to sing. Siempre, mas madaming may gusto sa kanta mo, mas maligaya ka. Pero panahon ng kampanya ngayon. Iba ang dating sa akin nung inawit ng politko na hindi namin kapartido."

Sharon went on, "Ayoko na nga ng politika kaya never akong tumakbo kahit na madami na ang humiling na tumakbo ako for public office since I was in my twenties. Actually, iniisip ko nga kung kailan ako nagdamot ng kahit ano. Wala akong maisip. Mula nung bata ako mas masaya ako sa pagbibigay kesa nagtatago ng puedeng ibigay. Kanta ko pa kaya?"

The seasoned singer-actress also reacted to Salvador's explanation that he is fond of singing the song “because it reminds me of the great lengths I took to care for my late son, Carlo who had Down Syndrome. I honor him each time I sing the song.”

Sharon reiterated she didn't know about it.

"Hindi ko rin naman alam noon na meron pala siyang special child at siya ang naaalala niya sa awit ko. At balita ko, gagamitin na daw niya it 'to raise awareness on the needs of special children.' Natutuwa ako na kanta ko pa pala ang magiging paraan para maisip niyang gawin yon," she said.

Sharon related that she has been helping and supporting children with special needs since 1993.

She even noted how she was named Honorary Chairperson by the Chosen Children Village Foundaton.

"That was where I started and I moved or to other organizations - and individuals - both with special needs and not. At di ko ginawa lahat yon dahil tumatakbo ako for public office. Ganon lang ako talaga (pinalaki) ng Daddy at Mommy ko."

Sharon maintained that those quick to attack her and call her names doesn't know her personally.

And even those whom she thought knew her well enough and loved her have joined the ruckus.

But she realized that it is at times like these when one finds out who her "real friends" are.

"Those who sincerely care about you and tell you what they think," she said.

"So though I stand by my feelings and thoughts on the matter, I would like to apologize for the words I used in my post and to those I have hurt by them," she declared.

Sharon related she should have just said exactly how she was feeling, and in a more respectful manner - no matter what.

The Kapamilya star also apologized for disappointing fans.

"...I should check myself and never act immediately when I am highly emotional. Sabi nga, do not make decision when you are either too angry or too happy."

Sharon acknowledged she made a "mistake."

"And thinking back, whenever I have made a mistake on social media, it was always a reaction to something said or done against me. I have never started anything negative. I am posting this knowing so many have already decided they would hate me whether I did or said something, or even when I didn't. That doesn't matter. What does is that those of you who love me know that this is from my heart. And that I am grateful for you. God knows because He sees everything. Again, I am sorry. And how I wish tapos na ang buwan ng Mayo."

"God bless us all. I love you. Thank you so much for your time," she ended.