Las Piñas accepts applications for ‘friendship route’ stickers

The Las Piñas City government announced that motorists who are using alternative routes to ease or decongest traffic along the main thoroughfares in the city can now apply for the friendship route stickers by visiting the link

Mayor Imelda Aguilar said those who want to get the stickers must be residents of the city.

Aguilar said the stickers are not for sale and the city government has not come out with a new design or layout.

The stickers issued by the city government in 2011 up to succeeding years are still valid.

She said the online application is only for those who have not secured yet a friendship route sticker.

The city government issued on March 17 the guidelines on how to apply for the friendship route stickers.

The vehicle’s official receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR) of the owner should be registered with Las Piñas address.

Aguilar said residents can still avail of the stickers even as their vehicle is not registered in Las Piñas by just showing driver’s license or any other documents that will prove that the applicant is a city resident.

She said that those that are not qualified to apply for the stickers are public utility jeepneys, buses, taxis, school bus, delivery trucks and vans, tricycle and motorcycles, as well as vehicles stamped with “FOR HIRE” notation.

The city government implemented an ordinance in 2007 enumerating the public or private streets or roads used as alternative routes or the so-called friendship routes to ease or decongest traffic along the main thoroughfares in the city.