How to recover a deactivated Facebook Page


The Facebook Page of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the Executive Pastor of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name above every Name, is now back online. It suddenly disappeared from the social media platform recently.

The MB Technews story about the missing Facebook page has received a lot of attention from many Facebook account holders who have the same problem. We got messages that the issue is not unique to Pastor Quiboloy's Page with more than 1.2 million followers. The problem also affects ordinary Facebook Page owners with fewer followers than Pastor Quiboloy's Page.

FB Page owners share that their FB page has suddenly disappeared without warning or message, and it just went missing, just like what happened to Pastor Quiboloy's Page.

This issue had happened in the past, where accounts and pages suddenly became inaccessible because the social media giant regularly deactivates violators of the company's community standards and terms of use.   However, Pastor Quiboloy's admin team said that the Page had not violated Facebook's community standards or any Facebook rules and only posted religious messages from the pastor.

According to Facebook, some violations that resulted in Page deactivation include posting content that doesn't follow its conditions, using a fake name, impersonating someone, and contacting other people for harassment, advertising, promoting, or other conduct that's not allowed.

Facebook through its Help Centre explains that pages may be taken down if the owner does not follow its community standards. However, Facebook also recognizes that it may have taken down a page by mistake. This is why the social media giant is giving owners of deactivated pages to appeal for reactivation.

Here are some tips to avoid FB Page deactivation:

1) Make sure that the admins of your Page have authentic profiles. Facebook can detect if you or your admins have second or duplicate profiles, which is not allowed in the community standards of Facebook.

2) Make sure you only add admins you know and trust. If one of your admins went against Facebook's community standards, there is a big possibility that your Page would be deactivated or put to limited status. Facebook said to "regularly check to see all the Pages you manage and remove yourself from any Pages you no longer actively manage. You can also check all of the people who manage your Page in the Page roles section of your Page settings."

3) Avoid using Page names that are misleading or names that do not connect with the Page. Make sure that your Page's Name accurately reflects your Page.

4) Do not post misleading content as it goes against Facebook's community standards. Facebook will delete Pages that will mislead people about their identity and what the Page represents.

5) Do not violate Facebook's ads policies. Facebook has a policy on what type of content is allowed in an ad. Be sure to follow it, or Facebook will deactivate your account.

If you deactivate your account and you're the only one controlling it, the Facebook Page that you own will not be available to other users. Reactivate your account, then reactivate your pages.

If you see a "Page Unavailable" error while browsing Facebook Page, go to this link and report the incident to Facebook

If Facebook deactivated your account and you think it's a mistake, go to and give the needed information so that Facebook can review your appeal.

If your Page was unpublished, delete all posts that you think violated the community standards and publish the Page again. You can also go to this link to send a message to Facebook about your problem

If your ad account was disabled because it didn't comply with Facebook's Advertising Policies or other standards, you can request a review if you believe it shouldn't be disabled here:

If your Facebook Page suddenly disappeared, inform Facebook using the links above. While Facebook says it will not put back deactivated Pages, there are many cases where Facebook reversed its decision because of the appeals from owners of deleted Pages, like what happened to Pastor Quiboloy's FB Page.

(Art Samaniego, Jr. is the head of Manila Bulletin IT Department and is the editor of Technews.)