‘Strength of judicial structure lies on trial court judges’ — Gesmundo

Published March 12, 2022, 9:45 AM

by Rey Panaligan 

Chief Justice Alexander G. Gesmundo with officers and members of the Philippine Trial Judges League, Inc.

Chief Justice Alexander G. Gesmundo exhorted all trial court judges “to be exemplars of effective and efficient administration of justice, especially since they are the frontliners of the Judiciary.”

During the courtesy call of the officers and members of the Philippine Trial Judges League, Inc. (PTJLI) on Friday, March 11, Gesmundo said that judges are the base of the pyramid and the foundation of the judiciary’s structure.

“The top stone of the pyramid, when you look at it, is the Supreme Court En Banc, but the base and the strength of the pyramid lies on the first and second level courts. I want that base to be strong… to be exemplars of an effective, efficient administration of justice. You are as equally important as the members of the SC En Banc,” he stressed.

Since he assumed as head of the judiciary, Chief Justice Gesmundo has been urging trial court judges to ensure “that people transacting with the courts involving cases must be satisfied because what they do will reflect on the entire Judiciary.”

“The first and foremost responsibility of the Chief Justice is to protect the Judiciary. But I cannot give protection without the support of the SC En Banc,” he said.

He pointed out: The SC is a collaborative, participative, and consultative Court. Let us all bear in mind that the Chief Justice is not the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court are the 15 Justices as provided in the Constitution.”

The PTJLI is an association of judges of the municipal trial courts and the municipal circuit trial courts nationwide.