Sounds like Greek and healthy to me!

One of the more aggressive food groups during the pandemic has been Visum Ventures who is steadily forging ahead as opportunities arose, and establishing an assured and diverse footprint in our food landscape. Established just in 2019, the group is behind such food brands as Koomi, OhMyGreek (OMG), ZIG, and T2—and you’ll note that as of my last count, there are now 67 Koomi outlets spread all over the country.

It’s thanks to the vision and deep-rooted first-hand experience in the Food Industry of Zamboanga-born, then transplanted Aussie, John-Michael Hilton, that Visum continues to overcome the challenges of operating during a full blown global pandemic. During the height of ECQ’s, the grab and go concepts of OMG and ZIG flourished; and now that we’re steadily seeing a vestige of normalcy creeping back in, Visum has upgrade these concepts into stand-alone fine dining establishment. I say fine dining with a knowing grin, as Visum has always been about quality at the most affordable price.

The Tuna Tartare

Located at MOA Square (that’s where you’ll find IKEA), Meraki by OMG, and Santé! by ZIG are exciting new food concepts that take all the stuffy formality out of fine dining such that your palate is teased, excited and satisfied; while you’re enjoying your repast in a casual setting. It’s literally the best of both worlds, as they’re open from 7 in the morning with breakfast specials, then have great lunch and dinner offerings. And did I forget the cocktails and extensive wine list when the sun goes down?

The Squash Flowers with Goat Cheese

I got to sample a number of their new dishes and was floored by the quality and flavors. At one point, I didn’t even know if it was a dish from Meraki, or one from Santé! And perhaps that’s really beside the point, as one can always request that one be handed the menus of the two eateries; and mix and match depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Pumpkin Ravioli

The starters included a Tuna Tartare that was cubes of fresh raw tuna, on a bed of guacamole; with a cup of wafers on the side. Then there was the Squash Flowers stuffed with goat cheese. This was excellent, as the goat cheese added a dimension to the flowers. We also had the Pumpkin Ravioli, and it's easily one of the favorites of the group I was dining with.

Their Salmon main course

We did the communal thing and had three of the main courses, that we sliced up and shared. First, there was a Chicken Marsala, breaded cutlets of chicken simmered in Marsala wine. Not all that photogenic, but rich in taste. There was a Salmon with Dill Sauce, that was wonderfully seared, and served with Asparagus. The one we did a double take with us their Filet Mignon, grilled tenderloin on a potato purée and topped by a dollop of herb butter.

The excellent Filet Mignon

Sticking to the ordering in three formulas, our desserts were Mike’s Mess which is their homemade version of the Eton Mess, a Crème Brûlée cheesecake which wasn’t too sweet or heavy, and the Molten Lava Chocolate Cake. And since Meraki’s provenance is OMG, how could we not order the Loukoumades. It's the Greek version of doughnut balls. There’s a traditional Honey-Cinammon version and their tantalizing Chocolate with nuts invention.

The Crème Brûlée Cheesecake
The Chocolate Lava Cake.
The traditional Greek Loukoumades given a Chocolate twist. 

Early morning bikers have already discovered this culinary oasis at the MOA and I’m sure that when the SMX and Arena go back to operating full-blast, both Meraki and Santé! will be highly regarded food destinations. So trust me and head there now to avoid the crowds and having to book your table in advance. You all deserve the food treat!