Marcos camp prefers interviews over debates; here's why

Published February 9, 2022, 11:02 AM

by Joseph Pedrajas

Presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is not keen on attending presidential interviews or forums that will only engage the participants in a “debate”.

Since the public is comparing “presidentiables” to job applicants, there is no way for them to debate with the management, said lawyer Vic Rodriguez, Marcos Jr.’s spokesman.

“To my mind, sinasabi niyo sila ay mga (you are saying they are) applicant(s) for the highest position in the land, president. Hindi ba kapag nag-aapply ka diyan sa inyong istasyon, hindi ka naman para makapag-debate sa management kundi magpapa-interview ka (Isn’t it that when you’re applying for a job, you go there not to debate with the management but to be interviewed?),” Rodriguez said in an interview with ANC.

“It should be a presidential interview other than a debate. Hindi ka naman makikipagtalo sa magiging mga amo mo (You will not argue with your future bosses),” he added.

For Marcos Jr.’s camp, it is more important for the people to hear the candidates’ voices and let them decide who to vote for come May 9.

Rodriguez added that the Filipino people, who have a lot of problems, are already tired of debates and arguments.

That was why when asked what they would do if invited for a presidentiable-related event, Rodriguez said: “We will see the format whether it is a debate or presidential interview.”

“Ang kailangan nilang marinig, bakit kita iboboto, ano ang solusyon mo sa problemang kinahaharap ng ating bansa? (What they need to hear is why should we vote for you? What will be your solution to the country’s problem?),” he explained.