Lomon, Cho Yi-hyun talk about their kissing scene in Netflix's 'All of Us Are Dead'

While “All of Us Are Dead” tells about a zombie invasion of a school, there are love stories in the Netflix series.

One such romance angle is between class president Choi Nam-ra, played by actress Cho Yi-hyun, and Lee Su-hyeok, played by Lomon (aka Park Solomon).

Korean actor Lomon (left) and actress Cho Yi-hyun (right) discussing their kissing scene (center) in "All of Us Are Dead" (screenshot from Netflix video)

Early on in the series, it was revealed that Nam On-jo, played by actress Park Ji-hu, has a crush on Lee Su-hyeok and told him that she wanted to go out with him.

However, Lee Su-hyeok has a crush on Choi Nam-ra and asked her if she wanted to visit a place with him under the guise that “you are our class president.”

In episode 7, Lee Su-hyeok finally told her that he likes her and that she likes him too. Choi Nam-ra then kissed Lee Su-hyeok on the lips.

Netflix released an “All of Us Are Dead” commentary video on Feb. 5 featuring Park Ji-hu, Yoon Chan-young, Cho Yi-hyun, Lomon, director Lee Jae-kyoo and writer Chun Sung-il to discuss behind-the-scenes stories about filming the series.

In the video, Cho Yi-hyun and Lomon, who are both 22 years old, discussed the kissing scene including how many takes it took for them to finish the scene.

Lee Jae-kyoo said Chun Sung-il wanted the kiss scene edited out of the series.

“Sung-il wanted to take this scene out first,” said the director.

Class president Choi Nam-ra, played by actress Cho Yi-hyun, kisses Lee Su-hyeok, played by Lomon, in "All of Us Area Dead" (screenshot from Netflix video)

Actress Cho Yi-hyun (left) laughs as Lomon explains what he felt filming their kissing scene in "All of Us Are Dead" (screenshot from Netflix video)

Chun Sung-ril said he wanted to edit out the scene as the students “were constantly on the move. But the scene was too still so that is why I thought it should get edited out.”

The kissing scene was included and the writer said, “I saw that scene. It was great.”

During the discussion, Lomon was smiling, prompting the director to tease him that “Lomon can’t stop smiling.”

Lomon revealed that it took him and Cho Yi-hyun 17 takes to finish the kissing scene.

“It took pretty long. I am really sorry to Lomon,” said Choi Yi-hyun.

She added, “I could not find where his lips where because I was closing my eyes.”

Choi Y-hyun said she told Lomon during the filming, “‘Lomon, I’m really sorry but can we try one more time?’ Then he was like ‘Sure.’” This elicited laughter from the stars, the director and writer.

“But really, before shooting that, I was like ‘I’m so nervous, what do I do?’ But after the kiss, I realized so this is why actors do romance movies. This is my favorite scene,” said Lomon.

Chun Sung-il explained that “it is in the best and worst moments that relationships come into play” in “All of Us Are Dead.”

“Who do we want to share our sadness with? That is why I focused on their relationships. I think that is an essential element of this show,” he said.