Pateros LGU allows walk-ins at drive-thru booster vaccination site

The Pateros municipal government is now allowing walk-ins for its drive-thru booster COVID-19 vaccination.

This was announced by Mayor Miguel “Ike” Ponce III on Jan. 28 after it was observed that the number of people getting booster shots has decreased.

“We saw a decrease in the number of people getting their booster shots in the past few days so we will try to allow walks-ins tomorrow ,” said Ponce during a live broadcast on Facebook.

The entrance to Pateros' drive-thru booster COVID-19 vaccination site at Pateros Catholic School-Annex (Pateros municipal government)

The municipal government launched the drive-thru booster vaccination on Jan. 24 to increase the number of people getting the additional shot.

People who want to get their booster shots need to register using a QR code made by the municipal government.

Ponce said the QR code is no longer needed for the drive-thru booster vaccination.

For the walk-ins at the drive-thru booster vaccination site, the mayor said residents and non-residents will be allowed as long as they got their first and second COVID-19 doses in the municipality and with an interval of at least three months from their second dose.

Those allowed to get booster shots through the drive-thru are people aged 18 to 65 with no comorbidities.

“You no longer need the QR code. You just need to bring your vaccination card and you will line up there and will be given a form to fill up,” said Ponce.

Walk-in will also be allowed for those getting booster shots on-site at the Pateros Catholic School-Annex.

According to the Department of Health, a total of 7.19 million people received their booster shots in the country including 138,211 on Jan. 28.