MB launches #MatalinongBoto2022 to keep the public informed on election

True to its mission to bring only news that is accurate, the Manila Bulletin is relaunching its “MatalinongBoto” campaign with the hashtag #MatalinongBoto2022.

Originally conceived in 2016 and repeated in 2019, the #MatalinongBoto is the Manila Bulletin’s campaign to ensure that Filipinos get only unbiased and accurate reports relating to the coming elections on May 9, 2022. It also includes efforts to educate the Filipino voters to help them make the choices they deem to be right.

In its previous iterations, the #MatalinongBoto campaign included a series of informative articles and videos designed to shed light on issues and concerns that help the voting public get to know their candidates and their respective policies. In elections past, these also translated into voter’s education campus tours conducted in partnership with the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

This time, #MatalinongBoto2022 will be reflected in all of the Manila Bulletin’s platforms. There will be a dedicated tab and page on the website (mb.com.ph) where every article related to the elections will be tagged with #MatalinongBoto2022. The Manila Bulletin’s various social media accounts will also host infographics and a myriad of publication materials (pubmats) about candidates as well as pubmats that educate voters on election processes and their rights as voting citizens. Also in the works is a series of creatively crafted videos that will keep voters informed and up-to-date, as well as inspired to make the right choices.

“It is very important to safeguard our vote,” says the Manila Bulletin’s Editor-In-Chief, Loreto Cabañes. “It’s our sacred duty to cast in choosing our leaders. Let’s use it intelligently because it will redound to us in a positive way. Let us use it, otherwise we suffer in the end from bad governance from leaders we elected without making an informed choice.” Side-by-side #MatalinongBoto2022, the Manila Bulletin has also revived its “Hot Seat” program, where candidates are invited to answer questions from editors as well as those submitted by readers online.