Sef Cadayona stars in 'Regal Studio Presents: Me and My House Daddy'

Me and My House Daddy

This Sunday, Jan. 30, a new tale about love and family will capture the hearts of Kapuso viewers in 'Regal Studio Presents: Me and My House Daddy.'

The episode is headlined by Sef Cadayona as Luke, Kat Galang as Joyce, and Patricia Coma as Cheska.

Luke, who was laid off from his job, suddenly finds himself a stay-at-home dad with his daughter Cheska. Meanwhile, his wife Joyce, a nurse, takes on the role of breadwinner as he tries to check on other job prospects.

One day, Luke's daughter asked him to take videos of them doing household chores as a father-daughter bonding. After uploading their content on social media, it went viral, and the two became online sensations, which they immensely enjoyed.

Sef Cadayona

Joyce, in the meantime, is so stressed at work that she becomes bothered by the fact that her husband and daughter are enjoying themselves while she works non-stop for the family.

How will Luke and Joyce resolve the budding friction within their family? Will this affect their daughter Cheska?

Find out in the new episode of ‘Regal Studio Presents: Me and My House Daddy,' this Sunday after ‘Dear Uge,’ 4:35 PM, on GMA-7.