REAL HEROES: Bringing to life inspiring Filipino stories

Published January 27, 2022, 6:34 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment


The internet and the popularity of social media have made it possible for anyone to tell their story to a global audience. However, the medium has become fraught with misinformation, trolling, and even content that incites violence and creates division between people. Instead of bringing together individuals from different backgrounds by spreading messages of positivity, it has become echo chambers, feeding our biases in a continuous feedback loop.

However, the issue lies not in the medium, but in the content available on it. For Heaven’s Best Production House, the internet is one of the most effective mediums to bring uplifting stories straight to the people who need it. Thus, the birth of Real Heroes, an online show that aims to tell real stories from real Filipinos with lessons that can be picked up while viewing. The brainchild director Hero Bautista and Robbie Pangilinan, Real Heroes is the first directorial venture for Bautista in creating short films that highlight good moral values.

‘Lumpia’ episode

The first episode “Lumpia” (starred by Will Devaughn and Peach Mascarinas) tells the story of a battered wife who finds a back to freedom from her abusive husband through selling lumpia prepared using a recipe handed down to her from her mother.

“Kapitbahay” (starred by Christopher “Slykane” Dantes and Elishah Pangilinan) tells the story of heroic selflessness. A family shares what they can to a single mother, expecting nothing in return. Despite the financial difficulties experienced by the husband and wife, karma has a way of giving back and their selflessness is returned twofold.

‘Lumpia’ episode

“Earthly” (featuring Rochelle Kok and Jethro Ramirez) takes on a more somber tone, as a man on his deathbed is left behind by his young paramour. Unlike the optimistic ending in the previous episode, Earthly is a sobering reminder of what is truly important, in this life and in the next.

Unlike most independent web-based series, Real Heroes has the advantage of being backed by a professional production house and this is seen in the quality of the videos. Shots are crisp and properly color-graded, making it easy to view. And while there are some technical sound issues, if the first 3 uploaded episodes are any indication, Real Heroes can become the spiritual successor of well-loved defunct TV shows Hiraya Manarawi and Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang.

Real Heroes can be watched for free on Youtube at the realheroesYT channel. Links to the episodes are also posted at the Kuya Hero (@KuyaHero1008) and Real Heroes Facebook pages.