Moon Knight and why Oscar Isaac fits the white suit

Published January 27, 2022, 11:52 AM

by Joe Priela

The anti-hero that might just be Batman and the Joker combined—oops, apologies for the DC reference, Marvel blokes

MCU’s Moon Knight (Marvel Studios)

First appearing in Werewolf by Night #32, Moon Knight is probably one of Marvel’s most unpredictable heroes. Being one of several heroes rumored to be part of the “Midnight Sons,” fighting off supernatural threats, his story gets interesting as you turn one page after the other.

We might know him as Moon Knight, but as with heroes, he has an alter-ego. Although, he may be a tad bit different from the others as he shares his body with a number of identities – this condition is commonly known as dissociative identity disorder. We will be introduced to the main identity, mercenary Marc Spector, as well as the others like the street-smart taxicab driver Jake Lockley, billionaire businessman Steven Grant, suited consultant Mr. Knight, and the Fist of Konshun.

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight (Marvel Studios)

Knowing the extent and depth of Moon Knight’s character, a question emerges from the darkness of night: Will Oscar Isaac fit the white suit?

Critically acclaimed for his roles in “Drive” and the intellectually-engaging and melancholic “Inside Llewyn Davis,” for which he received a Golden Globe Award nomination, we also witnessed Oscar Isaac’s acting range and remarkable acting recently in “Dune” as Duke Leto Atreides as well as in “Card Counter” by Paul Schrader.

With these roles under his belt, he’s definitely not a stranger to the headspace of Moon Knight. We can also see Oscar physically and mentally preparing for the role in Marvel Studios Movies behind-the-scene footage of his training (click here). In an interview with Screen Rant, Oscar was asked what did it feel like when you put on the costume, he confidently replied, “It felt right.”

Screenshot from the ‘Moon Knight’ trailer (Marvel Studios)

Having watched the trailer of Moon Knight, to say that it was intriguing is an understatement. The trailer alone was filled with mystery, suspense, and avant-gardes treatment. I must add, Kid Cudi’s “Day N Nite’ was the perfect way to put the cherry on top.

Check out the trailer below.