Is Kim Chiu mean to cats?

Published January 25, 2022, 5:11 PM

by Neil Ramos

Some people believe she is.

All because of footage culled from a segment of “It’s Showtime.”

Now viral on social media, it shows the singer-actress making a rather nasty comment about neighborhood felines in heat.

She said: “Yung gusto mong sabuyan ng mainit na tubig kasi ang ingay.”

It didn’t sit well with netizens, particularly cat owners — or so we guess.

One said: “Sana mag-isip ka muna bago ka magbitaw ng mga salita. Pasmado masyado ang bibig mo eh!”

Other comments are too vile to see print.

In the end, a seemingly exasperated Kim had to end her silence.

She posted: “I really want to remain quiet on this, because this was a month or 2 months ago. I cleared this already, RIGHT AFTER saying those words, and asked for apology same day same segment, coz I know that I will never do it and cleared that its not really ganun.”

“But the thing is social media or that person who posted it, opted to cut the part where I was saying my apology and explain my side that same episode.

“But as usual some marites will really choose to see the bad on that situation, ganun naman minsan sa atin. Mas gusto ng karamihan palabasin kang super mean, ‘yung diin na diin, kahit wala ka naman ginawa na masama sa mata nila, that’s the sad part.

“Pero kung may ginawa kang maganda hindi masyado papansinin. Pag masama… ‘happy fiesta’ but oh well, ganun sa atin eh.

“But I’m asking again for things to be clear hopefully, (for the 2nd time after two months). Pasensya na po to all animal lovers, I didn’t mean to say those words, nor do those actions. Parang wala sa panahon ngayon na gagawa ng ganun.

“Wag na nating palakihin pa, dahil wala naman talagang nasaktan. I hope i made myself clear. I hope this ends here!”