Pacquiao’s Cebu supporters back Sara, push for ‘MASA’

Published January 24, 2022, 3:43 PM

by Calvin Cordova 

CEBU CITY — The prime movers of Manny Pacquiao for President Movement (MPPM) is pushing for a Manny Pacquiao-Sara Duterte (MASA) combination.

MPPM clarified that the tandem of Pacquiao and his running mate Lito Atienza “stays.”

In a statement, MPPM said MASA is about “having one VisMin vote, a balance Philippine growth and preventing the son of a dictator to reign.”

“That is a fact but if one would broaden his political horizon basing on the reality on the ground is the culture of regionalism and hometown mentality (read: parochialism) that is very pervasive amongst Filipinos. This is the reason that the national executive officers of the Manny Pacquiao for President Movement (MPPM), a parallel group supporting Sen. Manny Pacquiao, have decided to launch the “One Vismin vote” where the Visayas-Mindanao (VisMin) voters should go for a Manny Pacquiao-Sara Duterte (MASA) combination in order to solidify the winning chances of both candidates who incidentally are the only ones from VisMin from among the presidential and vice presidential aspirants for the forthcoming May 2022 polls,” the group said.

MPPM said it is particularly reaching out to the pro-Sara groups to go for Pacquiao instead of her UniTeam partner Bongbong Marcos (BBM) “simply because having a Marcos as president would spell the doom for the Filipinos.”

“One veteran political pundit said that in order to find out who BBM is to “just Google it” and surely one would find many incidents that pertains to him and his family. Most serious among the issues is the 1986 entry of the Guinness World of Book Records where the parents of BBM, the dictator former President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. and his widow, Imelda Marcos, have been named to have committed the “Greatest Robbery of a Government” that resulted to a loss of at least US$10B,” the group said.

“A lot more have been raised against the Marcoses including the “terror of martial law” where many suffered as they were either killed or incarcerated. That happened while the Marcoses and their cronies live in extravagance and luxury but majority of the Filipinos were living in dearth and thus poor.

The fake college education in Oxford notwithstanding, BBM did a lot of messing up which even prompted Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to call him as “weak leader,” they added.

The group said after Duterte, the next president should still come from VisMin.

“MPPM is convinced that the problem called “Imperial Manila” and the far more improve Luzon compared to VisMin was because of having many presidents who were from Luzon, 12 out of 16, so it is imperative therefore that after Pres. Duterte, another from VisMim should lead the country,” it said.

“It is not that Luzon should not be attended to but at the minimum having another president from VisMin would ensure that the so-called Bisaya and Mindanaoans will not be left out, it added.

The national executive officers of the group include Lee Marinduque, founding chairmany, Tonton Alcos-Antogop, secretary general, and Bryan Alphonsus Abayor, deputy secretary general.

Antogop said the group has close to 200,000 members.