Christian Bables stars in rom-com episode of 'Regal Studio Presents: My Boyfriend's Romance'

Published January 23, 2022, 8:29 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Christian Bables

How much are you willing to do for someone you love?

This Sunday, Jan. 23, a woman is on a mission to find new love for her gay partner in ‘Regal Studio Presents: My Boyfriend’s Romance.’

The episode is headlined by Faith Da Silva as Pia and Christian Bables as John Christopher.

Pia and John Christopher have been together for years. Then all of a sudden, John admits that he’s gay. Somehow, being together for so long, Pia believes that she has accepted John’s sexuality to the extent that she’s helping him find his new match.

Faith Da Silva

However, things are not as simple as it seems as the more Pia gets involved in John’s new journey as a gay man, the more it becomes harder for her to accept their situation. In her heart, she’s still madly in love with him.

Can the two of them be happy? How will Pia move on from John?

Find out in the new episode of ‘Regal Studio Presents: My Boyfriend’s Romance,’ this Sunday after ‘Dear Uge,’ 4:35 PM, on GMA-7.