Robredo has 'best plan' for PH recovery from educational, health, economic setbacks, say economists

Published January 20, 2022, 4:12 PM

by Betheena Unite

Aspiring president Vice President Leni Robredo earned the approval of at least three economists saying she has the “best plan” for the country’s recovery from educational, health, and economic crisis.

(Photo courtesy of the OVP)

During the online forum TAPATan organized by opposition coalition 1Sambayan on Thursday, Jan. 20, economics professor and former National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) Director General Solita Monsod said Robredo is the only presidential candidate who has a “fleshed out plan” for the country’s recovery efforts from the impacts of coronavirus pandemic.

She said Robredo has the best plan and the capability to implement it as the next president will be “inheriting a country that has lost its moral compass, and is undergoing, according to the NEDA, an educational crisis, health crisis, on top of the economic crisis, with the poor bearing the brunt of all this.”

“She has thought (out) what this country needs and she had thought long and deeply because both plans are fleshed out, showing her knowledge of the problems, with a few targets and resources needed,” Monsod said.

The economist was referring to Robredo’s five-point “Hanapbuhay para sa lahat” agenda, which aims to reclaim public trust to the government, boost various industries, end discrimination at work, support small business, and assisting displaced workers, and her three-point “Kalayaan sa Covid” plan.

“Both plans are sufficiently fleshed out so you really appreciate the thought that has come into it. How can I be prevented from saying that Leni has the best plan. It is so obvious. I mean, it doesn’t take rocket science to know that hey this lady has thought about it. She has actually look at about it,” Monsod said.

Monsod further said that Robredo tops the vital leadership criteria needed in choosing a president such as the ability and track record to perform their duty, empowerment, and integrity and character.

“As far as program is concerned, Mrs. Robredo tops it. And as far as the capability and the willingness to implement that program is concerned, Mrs. Robredo tops it,” she said.

Economist and politcal analyst Andrew Masigan said that Robredo is “transformative in every aspect” and she has the potential to be a transformative leader.

“I think she is transformative in every respect. And I don’t think we’ve ever had a leader with that package of attributes that she is. No. 1, she is an economist, she understands how the economy works, she understands the dynamics of interaction of the Philippines to the rest of the world. No. 2 and I think the biggest thing is that she is not corrupt. No. 3, we know that she is going to defend Philippine sovereignty at all cost against China and against anyone who tries to breach our bubble of sovereignty,” Masigan said.

Under a Robredo presidency, Masigan hopes that the country will begin to reestablish institutions to make them stronger, correct the faulty laws and policies that are in place, and put the country on the right track for long term sustainable growth.

Economics professor JC Punongbayan, for his part, stressed that Robredo has a solid economics and legal background, making her the “answer” that the country needs as it move forward from the current administration.

“Siya po talaga ang sagot (She really is the answer). Moving forward, ayaw na natin ng (we do not want) another six years of incompetence and bad policies and at the same time VP Leni really brings to the people a solid economics and legal background which will be necessary to craft policies to accelerate economic recovery,” Punongbayan said.