BRIA Homes sees rebound in 2022

Published January 16, 2022, 9:40 PM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

BRIA Homes, one of the housing brands of the country’s leading property developer Villar Group, said it is preparing for rebound this year along with the expected recovery of the domestic industry.

BRIA’s residential communities feature recreational facilities such as covered courts, playgrounds, and multi-purpose halls.

While the housing sector’s stakeholders maintain a buoyant outlook in the long-term, Eduardo T. Aguilar, the President and COO of BRIA Homes, expressed confidence that BRIA Homes will be one of the property market’s best performing companies in 2022 moving forward.

“BRIA Homes takes pride in offering the best value-for-money housing to all aspiring Filipino homeowners,” Aguilar said. “As the pandemic continues to reshape the way Filipinos spend or invest their money, our resolve to deliver well-designed homes of choice to prospective buyers can only grow stronger.”

Aguilar noted that the past two years have been a period of adversity and challenges due to the pandemic. To survive the crisis, the global population has had to deal with serious threats to their well-being—primarily their health, their security, and their countries’ economic stability.

While the pandemic’s far-reaching effects did not spare the Philippine real estate industry, local homebuilders rose to the challenges by changing how they market their projects.

Aguilar, however, said that BRIA Homes had earlier transitioned to the digital domain, making the company was among the first to prove resilient, boosting its online presence and allowing virtual transactions to thrive.

To date, BRIA Homes’ strong digital connections steadfastly ensure its prospective homebuyers’ safety as the latter explore the vast range of options BRIA offers. Imagine getting a glimpse of any of BRIA Homes’ 50-plus residential projects from the security of their homes by immersing in BRIA’s 360 Virtual Tours.

Available on the developer’s official website, these virtual tours take prospective clients—from anywhere in the world—to the developments of their choice and help them visualize what their new home would look like. They can choose the BRIA house models that fit their requirements; get a sense of the healthy and serene environment of BRIA’s residential communities; and check out its recreational facilities such as covered courts, playgrounds, and multi-purpose halls.

At the same time, current BRIA homeowners now have an easier time processing their transactions with the developer. Amortization fees, remittances, and other online payments are accepted through BRIA’s partner banks.

On top of all these, Aguilar said that BRIA continues to diversify and expand its property portfolio.

In 2022, as demand for vertical living arises, BRIA will accelerate construction of its vertical villages. Primed to cater to the needs of mobile young professionals and starting families, these mid-rise condos will offer cozy and intimate co-living in elegant walk-up buildings where residents will be encouraged to forge small, tightly knit communities.