Is Kris Aquino's 'It's not my loss' comment about Mel Sarmiento?

Published January 15, 2022, 12:41 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

TV host Kris Aquino’s recent statement is seemingly alluding to her controversial split with ex-fiance Mel Sarmiento.

Or is it?

Note that the seasoned star recently shared an update about her health.

And online users quickly offered their support and wished for Kris’ fast recovery.

But a certain netizen commented: “Get well soon Madam, always remember madami nagmamahal sayo kahit wala si *** #lovelovelove.”

Kris, on the other hand, replied with: “It’s not my loss. #truth.”

Recall that some days ago, Kris finally ended speculations admitting she and Mel are no longer playing sweet music together.

On Instagram, Kris uploaded the “last” text message that Mel sent her.

In there, Mel recalled what the doctor cousin of Kris had told him, which is about the responsibility of making sure that the actress won’t get COVID-19 given her autoimmune condition.

“That’s the reason I decided not to proceed there because I might further put you at risk and I don’t want to be blamed for it,” Mel said.

According to him, for the past few days, he had enough time to think about things and accepted the fact that ensuring Kris doesn’t get COVID-19 is an “enormous responsibility.”

“Given my nature, who loves to go out, I accept the fact that I already have a bubble fatigue and I will not be able to, sad to say, be able to continue living in a bubble,” he continued.

“On that note, with a heavy heart, I accepted your offer of letting me go. For I cannot in conscience be able to accept that something will happen to you brought about my going out of the bubble.”

Mel reiterated that he will always cherish in his heart the happy moments they had together.

“I do love you, but I guess this is goodbye for your life is of greatest importance given that you have Bimby and Josh to take care of. You will forever be in my heart.”