Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz squabbling over Seth Fedelin?

Published January 14, 2022, 4:51 PM

by Neil Ramos

A lot of fans were worried after Andrea Brillantes allegedly unfollowed Francine Diaz on social media, recently.

That it supposedly happened after a photo of Seth Fedlin, Andrea’s screen partner, together with Francine and her family, surfaced on social media, added to the fire.

Many believe Andrea was peeved about it.

Some even pointed out how Andrea seemingly insinuated the same in several posts.

The issue has grown out of proportion with fans arguing about it online.

Some were defending Andrea.

Some were celebrating Francine.

Others were congratulating Seth.

The name of the three went on to trend on Twitter, Thursday.

So, did Andrea really got mad at the two?

Are Francine and Seth in a relationship?

What about Kyle Echarri, Francine’s onscreen partner?

The plot thickens.

As of writing Andrea is still mum on the issue.

Francine and Seth are both quiet as well.

In any case, note that Andrea is following Francine again.

Did the powers that be help settle the matter quietly?