Maggie Wilson laments overpriced COVID-19 test kit in PH

Published January 11, 2022, 9:45 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Maggie Wilson (Instagram)

Former beauty queen British-Filipino Maggie Wilson couldn’t help but react to the expensive price of antigen test kits in the country.

On her Instagram story, the disappointed actress-model noted how the prices of antigen test kits have increased drastically.

“So, I inquired about buying a box of antigen test kits for a friend who’s based in the U.K. for her family, here in the PH. The prices of a box of 20-25 kits have now doubled,” she shared.

“It’s disgraceful how the people who are selling them are taking advantage of the situation and upping the prices due to demand. Greed! We have no price regulations in place,” Maggie added.

The TV personality and entrepreneur reiterated how it’s even “more disgraceful” that the government doesn’t offer them for free.

In the Philippines, the current price of antigen test kit is worth P10,000 per box.

“In the U.K. anyone can walk in to a pharmacy and ask for a box of laterflow test kit for FREE. Each kit even has a QR code where you can scan and register your results on the National Health Service website,” she wrote.