How technology is helping AIA Philippines mentor Filipinos to be at their healthiest

Published January 10, 2022, 2:53 PM

by MB Technews

As recently rebranded AIA Philippines draws closer to its diamond year, it continues to push the boundaries to achieve its global capabilities, in alignment with the strategies and direction of AIA Group, their Hong Kong-based parent company.

Part of these is the use of technology, digital, and analytics—referred to as TDA—to streamline their processes, strengthen their operations, enable their people, and provide relevant solutions to customers while continuously improving service delivery. 

At the center of AIA Philippines’ plan for digitalization is the end-user, ensuring ease of use to encourage adoption. This is especially true for projects that have the customers as the end-users. “Our customers take the wheel. We will tailor, learn and evolve based on their wants and needs,” AIA Philippines Chief Technology Officer, Noel Mendoza shared.

And one of these tech solutions to address customer needs is My AIA, AIA Philippines’ integrated platform where customers can access the Total Health Solution ecosystem to help them live better, protect better and get better with just a few taps. 

Integration for a seamless experience

Within My AIA, customers can get the support they need to live a healthier lifestyle. 

To help Filipinos live better, My AIA is linked to the AIA Vitality app, where members are incentivized with rewards for knowing and improving their health. On top of that, they get access to Holmusk to help them with nutrition management, to eZConsult for discounted vaccinations, and risk assessment for breast cancer via Medius Health. These are all available to help customers stay healthy by predicting possible illness and prevent them from getting sick.

Customers can also access information about their policies, make basic changes, and even facilitate payments within My AIA, to help ensure that they are always protected.  

But the most important part of all is its ability to help customers diagnose, treat and recover, through its partnership with Avega. Via eZConsult, they can easily schedule teleconsult, order medicine and have it delivered, schedule laboratory procedures, and even get tested for COVID. 

Through technology in the form of My AIA, all the different services that supports living healthily come together, becoming the mentor guiding AIA Philippines customers towards a healthier, longer, better life.

Geegee Lopez, AIA Philippines Chief Operations Officer, further explained, “My AIA is our customers’ all-in-one touchpoint where they can manage their protection, continue to choose living healthy, and access health care should they find themselves under the weather or worse, as may sometimes happen. This platform is the first step to demonstrate our commitment to make protected healthy living easy, and there will be more features coming soon, as we continue our design sprints and customer validations. Again, because we really mean it when we say: We put our customers at the heart of everything we do.”

“The pandemic has increased the need for healthcare solutions among Filipinos, at the same time forcing everyone to adopt more tech solutions with the restrictions in social interactions. By combining the power of technology and our unique health and wellness propositions, we are able to do more for our customers,” remarked Kelvin Ang, AIA Philippines Chief Executive Officer. “As these come together, we are able to fulfill our purpose of helping Filipinos live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.”