WATCH: Zombies infiltrate the campus in the upcoming Korean series ‘All of Us Are Dead’

Published January 4, 2022, 10:09 AM

by John Legaspi

K-zombie syndrome continues

After favorites like “Train to Busan,” “Alive,” and “Kingdom,” the K-zombie syndrome continues this 2022 with the coming of “All of Us Are Dead,” a series slated to premiere on Netflix on Jan. 28.

Based on a popular webtoon by Joo Dong-geun, “All of Us Are Dead” follows a group of students trapped in a high school who find themselves in dire need of rescue from a zombie invasion of their school. Director Lee JQ and writer Chun Sung-il took the graphic novel, its gripping storyline, and gory visuals to produce a show that is set to put viewers at the edge of their seats. News about the series first circulated in April 2020 and the entirety of its production took place in the middle of the pandemic—which added a bit of a real flavor to it, if you think about it.

(Photo courtesy of Netflix)

Released on New Year’s Eve, the trailer for this upcoming Korean series features some of the most familiar scenes in any zombie survival flick. The only difference is it focuses on students trying to survive a zombie outbreak, while managing to find love and friendship in the middle of an apocalypse. By the looks of it, “All of Us Are Dead” promises to be an exciting new addition in zombie filmography.

Check out the teaser for “All Of Us Are Dead” below.