Leanne & Naara goes virtual for YouTube concert ‘Daybreak Live’

Traversing through muddled sound waves

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has put a stop to the very things that keep us alive, and hearing music performed live is definitely one of them. The shutdown of live events has greatly affected fans and artists. But after a year of traversing through muddled sound waves and studying different digital venues, everyone found a way to reconnect—virtually, at least.

Leanne & Naara

"Having people singing along to our songs and the rapport that we have with them are few of the things that we miss the most in playing live shows," expresses Naara, talking about what she misses the most about playing live.

"The first few months of doing virtual gigs was a bit hard for us because Leanne and I were apart so we had to divide the songs per set. But now that we’ve been doing this for almost a year, we’re slowly getting the hang of it and since most of the gigs are prerecorded, we usually do everything in a day," Leanne adds.

Leanne & Naara, together with Warner Music Philippines, have always been open to creating new experiences, so it was no surprise that they pushed themselves even further by doing their first solo concert from inside an actual concert hall. “Daybreak Live,” named after the duo's debut album Daybreak, took the viewers to a run-through of their discography and latest hit singles, featuring new arrangements and Leanne & Naara's signature ardent vocals.

"We were looking for a way to bring the album closer to audiences since we never got to launch it. Everyone misses live music and so we thought it’d be a great gift, especially to our fans who have been so generous in their support," Leanne says.

When asked about their concert arrangement, Naara answers, "My favorite is the live version of ‘Too Soon!’ Our music director and producer, Brian Lotho, made sure that every song has a new flavor and a wow factor. From the intro, to us doing solos in ‘Till the Morning Comes,’ songs that have live quartet and harmonies with the help of our backup vocals in every song. Overall, it felt like we did a major concert. It was really a dream come true for the both of us."

A snapshot from the live concert

Having experienced it first-hand, connecting with their fans has never been a challenge for the duo, but having to connect with fans through a bare venue posed a different question: How much do we miss live music? On a regular gig night, all they had to do was show up and candidly mingle with the fans. Now, it’s a different story. For Daybreak Live, Leanne & Naara, director Paolo Valenciano, album producer Brian Lotho, Shaira Luna, and everyone in the band and production crew got tested for COVID-19 and strictly adhered to health protocols. Site activities were limited and there were no fans to greet at the end of the show.

Described as a "one-time-viewing live experience," Leanne & Naara's Daybreak Live combines the familiar feeling of a fan-focused set with a full-scale production. The virtual concert, which was shot at the Maybank Theater's Globe Auditorium for almost 12 hours, could have easily housed 500 persons, but because of the pandemic, the seats became a nostalgic reminder of what we have been desperately missing.

Was Daybreak Live a case study? How did the current trend of virtual concerts change the way fans digest music? "I think what makes it appealing is its accessibility and its power to bring people together from different parts of the country or the world, even. It promotes a sense of community, and it’s something that a lot of people need during this time. I think what we learned is that we have such a powerful tool in our hands and we should make the most out of it," Leanne explains.

Like many musicians and performers, Leanne & Naara are looking forward to the day concerts and live events can safely resume

"We’re definitely excited to bring more electrifying performances onstage. Daybreak Live brought out a different side of us, a side that people rarely see, and that we believe will be exciting to watch when shows are allowed again," Leanne adds, as we all hope for the future of live events.

Missed the live event? You can still view it here. After which, you can relive the whole experience because both the Daybreak album and the live recording of the virtual concert are now on Spotify, just click here. For further updates, follow Leanne & Naara and Warner Music Philippines.