WOW! Jeremy Jauncey, Pia Wurtzbach's boyfriend, swims like merman in Turkey

Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey (Instagram)

Scottish businessman-social media influencer Jeremy Jauncey and his girlfriend Pia Wurtzbach are having a grand vacation in Turkey these days.

On Instagram, Wurtzbach admired the swimming skills of Jauncey.

The former Miss Universe shared a video of her boyfriend swimming at a hotel in Bodrum.

Wurtzbach is helping Jauncey celebrate his birthday abroad.

On Instagram, the beauty queen wrote: "He’s so smooth. Wish I could dive like that! Teach me your ways."

Sarah Wurtzbach, sister of Pia, commented: "Pagdikit nyo yung video ng dive mo at dive nya hahahahahahahahahahaha."

Then Sarah said that Jauncey swims like a merman. In mythical tales, mermen is the counterpart of mermaids.

Wurtzbach laughed at her sister's comment.

The German-Filipino beauty queen also thanked Jauncey for taking her to Amanruya.

"Unforgettable my love. Thank you for bringing me to @amanruya. I know it's your birthday, but it feels like mine," Wurtzbach said.

Jauncey wrote:  "I think she likes it here."