Three Tips You Should Know When Starting an Online Food Business

Having multiple sources of income has become a norm nowadays with many turning their love for food into a side hustle. In the age of technology when almost everything can be done digitally, starting an online food business has easily become popular. It can be a great way of earning some extra cash while doing something you enjoy at the comfort of your own home. So here are some of the key ingredients needed in starting an online food business.

A Unique Product

The popularity of food delivery applications and marketplaces has drawn a lot of interest in putting up an online food business. With more and more business owners in the Philippines turning to e-commerce, competition is getting tougher than ever. So when starting an online food business, choose a niche that stands out from the rest – one that is not just profitable, but also provides a different experience for customers. Before you decide what kind of food to sell, be updated with the latest trends, list down the delicious food items that can give good value, and identify the market you want to focus on.

Strong Online Presence

Filipino’s love for social media can be a major contributor in the rise of e-commerce in the past years. So when starting an online food business, building a strong online presence is one of the keys to success. Figure out the best way to engage and interact with your prospective customers. Create your own social media accounts and website or list your products thru platforms like Grab Food, Food Panda, Viber communities, and Facebook marketplaces. Active online presence has become a prerequisite to adapt to the ever-changing market demand for convenient ordering of readily available food.

Right Equipment

Investing in the right equipment is essential in any food business, may it be a kiosk or online. Even if you’re building the business at home, you should still look for equipment that will be useful for a long time. The foundation of excellent customer service starts with choosing a reliable freezer or chiller to keep your food products safe and fresh.

One of the best partners you can have in starting an online food business is Fujidenzo Home and Commercial Appliances. Trusted by industry leaders nationwide, Fujidenzo offers a wide range of reliable, high-quality, and energy-efficient chest freezers and chillers. From as small as 3.5 cu.ft. to as big as 29 cu.ft., you can find the right capacity and size that would fit your business at home. You can choose what’s best for you, may that be a solid top, glass top, or an upright freezer.

Fujidenzo chest freezers are also designed with an advanced Dual Function feature that allows you to use it either as a chest freezer or chiller, so it would function flexibly and efficiently depending on the food you need to store inside. Also available in their product line is the Dual Compartment Combi Freezer and Chiller as well as the Subzero Chiller to cater to different business requirements.

With durability and energy efficiency in mind, the heavy-duty freezers and chillers of Fujidenzoare equipped with Inverter technology, giving you up to 30-percent energy savings.

Starting an online food business is now easier with Fujidenzo Home and Commercial Appliances. With over 400 service centers nationwide, Fujidenzo chest freezers are covered with a warranty of 5 years on compressor, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on service. To know more about their product offerings, visit or their Facebook page at Fujidenzo Appliances.