Video of Paolo Contis with 'mystery girl' surfaces

He has been silent days after LJ Reyes' heartbreaking interview about their breakup.

Maybe he deemed it best so as not to fan the flames of intrigue.

As popular as he is, however, Paolo Contis could not escape scrutiny.

A video of him walking around rather nonchalantly with the same girl he was sighted with in Baguio City only a day ago has come out.

In it, the girl is seen holding on to the actor's arm.

Some say the video is bigger proof that the girl is not just a friend but actually Paolo’s new lover.

Anyway, unlike the photos, which were supposedly taken in Baguio City, the video was said to have been taken in a church in Pangasinan.

Whatever the case maybe, the unidentified girl is now hot topic with fans eagerly exchanging ideas as to her identity.

Many of them believe she is the main reason behind Paolo’s breakup with LJ Reyes.

Among names that came up is that of actress Yen Santos, Paolo’s co-star in “A Faraway Land.”

Some insist it could not be true, maintaining Yen is actually in a relationship with a powerful politician.


There's more?

Oh, the enigma of it all!