Antipolo City close to achieving herd immunity - Mayor Ynares

More than 64 percent of Antipolo City's eligible population had been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) bringing the city closer to achieving herd immunity.


The office of Mayor Andrea Bautista Ynares released the city’s Vaccination Progress Report in a Facebook post.

In the report, it said that a total of 254,266 adults in the city, equivalent to 64.3 percent of the target number of population to achieve the so-called herd immunity, had completed their two-dose vaccination as of September 20.

The city government initially targets 70 percent of the total eligible adult population of the city, equivalent to 395,217 individuals, in order to achieve herd immunity.

The local government also said that 88.2 percent of the target vaccine recipients, equivalent to 348,503 residents, have received their first dose.

As of September 21, there were 860 active cases in the city including 175 new cases.

The city has started welcoming non-residents to avail of the first dose of vaccine in one of its vaccination sites as it continues to inoculate the city's remaining adult population.