Jung Hae In’s ‘D.P.’ co-stars want to go on a date with him

The boys spilled some tea about enjoying the company of everyone’s beloved Hae In

Last Aug. 26, 2021, Netflix held a press conference in South Korea for their release of its newest Original Series entitled “D.P.” or short for the term “Deserter Pursuit.”

Attendees in the said press conference included Jung Hae In (“One Spring Night,” “Something in the Rain”) who plays An Joon-Ho, Kim Sung-Kyun (“Fiery Prest,” “Reply 1988”) who plays Sergeant Park Beom-Goo, Koo Kyo-Hwan (“Kingdom: Ashin of the North”) who plays Han Ho-Yeol, Son Suk-Ku (“Suits,” “Designated Survivor: 60 Days”) who plays Im Ji-Seob, and Director Han Jun Hee.

(Courtesy of Netflix)

“D.P.” revolves around the stories of a special force in the Korean Military that is dedicated to catching Koreans who decide to evade military service. In the series, we see Jung Hae In who enters as a new enlistee private who ends up in this special division.

Many Koreans including some of the actors admit that the force is not a famous division in the Korean Military Service, and that they had to really consult acquaintances and former officers they had during their mandatory military service just to get themselves prepared for the role.

Upon receiving the script, Koo Kyo Hwan felt like it was receiving a love letter than a mere call of duty for an actor. He says he “could feel the warm perspective that the director had towards the young enlistees. I felt the humanistic aspect of the script.” Jung Hae In on the other hand enjoyed the script as much as the webtoon, because of how detailed, fun, and lively the script was. “Every character has their own charm,” which will be nicely portrayed in this Netflix series he says.

(Courtesy of Netflix)

All the actors in the series wanted to be part of it as soon as they saw how realistic the story was, and it also serves as a chance to relive their years in military service. Three months prior to shooting the drama, Hae In, who is known for being the “soft-boy” charming boyfriend of Korea trained to be tougher and even learned more about boxing to fulfill his roles in “D.P.”

In the taping of the series, the main actors and extras made many mistakes of saying their real names because of how detailed the production was—from the script and the lines they had to deliver, down to the nitty gritty details that made them feel like they were really serving in the military again. During the presscon, Jung Hae In also admitted to committing that mistake a lot by accidentally saying “Private Jung Hae In” rather than his character’s name “An Joon-Ho.”

A revelation made by Jung Hae In’s co-stars was how loveable the actor was during the taping. Kyo Hwan, Seok Soo, and Sung Kyun all agree that they’d want to go on a date with Hae In even just for a meal because of how nice of a person he is. They all, including Director Han, want to be friends and enjoy time with Hae In. Sung Kyung says that “ felt like hanging out with elementary school friends.”

(Courtesy of Netflix)

The webtoon version of the series “D.P.” has over 10 million views and such high ratings. Director Han incorporates several social issues that will be highlighted in the series. He says it wil be deeper and darker, but “scaled to a humanistic level” of drama. Will this be the next best series of Jung Hae In?

All episodes of “D.P.” is now available only on Netflix. It’s a binge you’ll definitely not want to miss.