Is this Lian Paz's reaction to LJ Reyes-Paolo Contis breakup?

Lian Paz, a former EB Babes member, was once married to Paolo Contis.

She has long been out of the limelight but she garnered some notice recently, taking to social media to publish an inspiring message to fans amid ongoing talk about Paolo's breakup with LJ Reyes.

It read: “Everyday is a new day, whatever happened yesterday belongs to the past. We have to be thankful for the present. God is Good! All the time!!!!” 

Some fans were quick to put malice in it, maintaining it is Lian's way of saying she could only be thankful she got rid of Paolo.

There are others who assumed she is actually cheering up LJ.

Well, is she?

What do you think?

Paolo and Lian have two kids – Xonia and Xalene.

She is now in a relationship with a non-showbiz guy named John Cabahug.