Fun virtual tours await at the IKEA festival

Over 100 homes to check out

The first ever global IKEA festival starts September 16, as artists, designers, DJ's, chefs, among many others open their homes for the whole world to see. With over 100 homes in more than 50 markets all over the world, you get to immerse yourselves in the world of these individuals.

"This is a new kind of experience IKEA wants to offer, celebrating, connecting and engaging around life at home. Home tours around the world will open doors to new experiences and new inspiration. We want to spark a conversation on the more sustainable and affordable life at home of tomorrow. And just as with any festival, you can expect a few surprises," Managing director of IKEA marketing and communication AB says.

Where to go? Just visit Witness artists perform, DJ spins, interior designers' makeovers, home chefs cooking, gamers playing, and many more.

“The home has never been more important than before. And with virtual connection now taking on a more prominent role in everyone’s life at home, we can open the door to many more lives around the world – exploring each other’s individuality and creativity at home,” IKEA Pasay City store manager Georg Platzer adds. “We are excited to open the doors of IKEA Festival, our biggest global home tour yet, as we bring people together around life at home in a new way, online, from Sweden to the Philippines to the rest of the world.” 

And while we're waiting for IKEA to open—Platzer says they're still aiming for Q4—the Swedish brand has been busy getting everyone even more excited. The IKEA billboard on EDSA Magallanes features a collage of 1,000 Filipino families.