Mon Cualoping reacts to fistfight with Neil Arce, turns attention to Arlene Muhlach

Mon Cualoping

Sorry guys!

No fistfight between Mon Cualoping, Undersecretary & Director-General of the Presidential Communications Office-Philippine Information Agency, and film director Neil Arce, husband of actress Angel Locsin.

"To those insisting that I go on a fistfight with the husband, I will not because it does not solve anything. It’s not the crux of the matter," wrote Cualoping, in the comment section of Arlene Muhlach's post on Facebook last Monday.

Neil Arce and Angel Locsin

Cualoping added: "Respect has been accorded. I did not body shame anyone, nor I made it personal. Nor questioned her profession and intention to help people. I just said what I had to say to put things in perspective."

Netizens insisted on a fistfight between Cualoping and Arce after the government official insulted Arce's wife on social media.

Cualoping said Locsin has no brain cells for her comment on health workers.

Arce was also fuming when he read the comment of Cualoping.

After Locsin and Arce, Cualoping turned his attention to Muhlach who defended the showbiz couple on social media.

"To be honest, I am quite confused with your comment in one of my posts," Cualoping told Muhlach.

Arlene Muhlach

"I am your fan, hence I know you aren’t a troll.I tried to decipher what you wrote.

"Please allow me to respond.I am sorry, Ma’am. But since day 1 in 2016, I have been consistent in defending the Government.

"I do not need to be popular because that’s not my job. In fact, it’s all of you giving me undue attention."


"By the way, Angel Locsin’s comment was all over the news.

"With social media cards plastered in almost all media networks. I saw it from there. Why? Because I don’t follow any of her social media accounts. Therefore, it’s a public comment. Thus, my right to comment on it too. And I do not question that her intentions were pure and from the heart.

"The issue is plain and simple: No need to demonize the police force and business folks in order to highlight the heroism of our frontliners. Including you as a comedian.

Angel Locsin

"I love watching your films because you are funny. So if you take Locsin’s words, you should be out of job in this pandemic. How irresponsible. How reckless.

"This is my point. Yet, she, being a popular actor with millions of followers, can rile up people to distrust the Government with her reckless and ridiculous remarks. All in the time of great difficulty in our national life.I think by now you understand my point already.

"And please. Don’t accuse me of being a manggagamit. I am not a showbiz personality. I am who I am. My friends and colleagues know I shun attention and would rather work to make things happen.I serve the Republic. And it is my duty to protect the Republic from wokes who continue to destroy our country. Thank you."