LJ Reyes finds anchor in pastor

She's moving on from her failed romance with Paolo Contis.

LJ Reyes is doing so focusing on positive thoughts.

The actress is also spreading good vibes via social media.

In fact, she recently shared with fans some things she learned from pastor Andy Stanley's well-loved books: "Irresistible: Reclaiming the New that Jesus Unleashed for the World" and "Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets: 5 Questions to Help You Determine Your Next Move."

"We don't need chapter and verse. We have something better. Namely, Jesus's new, all-encompassing, inescapably simple command. We are to do unto others as our heavenly Father, through Christ, has done unto us. He did what was best for us. We, in turn, are to do what's best for others, even when less-than-what's best is embraced as acceptable by the others," it read.

"Love fills the gaps. Love reduces the friction created by our limited insight, knowledge, and judgment-inhibiting experiences. There is much I don't know. There are things I'll never understand. But my ignorance does not impede my capacity to put others first."

LJ could relate.

She said, "So while I'm not always sure what to believe, and while my views on a variety of things continue to mature and change, I almost always know what love requires of me."