Yen Santos’ sustained silence frustrates netizens

Yen Santos is still scarce days after photos and videos of her together with Paolo Santos in Baguio and Pangasinan went viral.

Her incessant silence seems only too deafening for fans eager to know the tea as to her actual relationship with Paolo.

If Paolo is to be believed she was there with him mainly “as a friend.”

But people are not convinced.

Many believe there is more to it.

Some of the comments:

“Baguio? As a friend? Layo nun ah!”

“Nagsusubuan, naka ankla sa isa’t isa – as a friend?? Don’t us!!”

“Nagsalita na si Paolo. Hindi siya convincing. Si Yen kaya?”

A friend of the actress has since come out to defend her.

An article on Pep.Ph quoted her as saying that Yen is “a smart girl and I don’t think she would ruin her reputation over a guy."

Like many we take that with a pinch of salt.

Unless Yen herself comes out to prove naysayers wrong, there will always be that enduring suspicion.

Not that there's anything wrong with her being involved with Paolo.

But fans are naturally fickle.

And more often than not, they side with the aggrieved.

Sadly, in this picture it is LJ Reyes and not Yen who is getting sympathy.

Is she ready for the repercussions?

Yen has been in limbo for some time until “A Faraway Land” made her very much visible again.

Many deem her performance there more than commendable.

Some believe that given the right project, Yen could be huge.

Could she rise above the situation?

Could she muster enough courage to face her accusers?

Only time will tell.