Sincerity’s the key for Ebe Dancel new song 'Tanging Kailangan'

Ebe Dancel

Ebe Dancel's effective Tagalog lyricism is highly regarded among fellow songwriters and fans. His latest single "Tanging Kailangan" showcases such trademark anchored on a touching melody that complements the song's narrative.

The track dropped in digital stores today (August 24) is a composition he penned before Christmas last year, while partly inspired by countless vows he heard when attending and performing at wedding ceremonies.

"I just write as sincerely as possible, always careful with the words that I use together. I guess the fans appreciate that," he said in a virtual chat.

"Tanging Kailangan" is the second of Ebe's songs backed and published by Widescope Entertainment wherein he now works as A&R manager. The first was “Manatili” released last May.

Once again, his celebrated handler Rico Blanco produced the track and employed noted guitarist Noel Mendez to play on it.

With bassist Roger Alcantara and drummer Paolo Santiago forming the rhythm section, the recording was further beefed up by violinists Dino Decena and Jascha Obieta, as well as cellist Jopi Vergara Doestra.

Ebe elaborated on his lyric writing through the context of his new piece: "Putting in words as close as possible the idea you have in your head is what makes good lyrics. Sometimes it's a visual, sometimes it's a story, but the idea has to be put into words and music the way I picture it in my head. It's not just about rhyming —- it’s coming up with a compelling story that invites a listener in."

He added, "If it is sincerely done, then the lyrics will get into the hearts of people. If you listen really closely to ‘Tanging Kailangan,’ you might get a visual in your head about what the song is really about."

The chorus goes: "Sa mga bagay na hindi maipaliwanag/ Sa 'king dilim, ika'y maging liwanag/ Di kailangan ng ginto o pangako ng paraiso/ Ikaw lang ang tanging kailangan."

The iconic duo of Ebe and Rico makes use of file transfer to record music. Ebe would record a demo on his computer while Rico would listen and give feedback on the arrangement.

"Tanging Kailangan" features again the combo of Vic de Vera and Neil Gregorio, who sit as executive and supervising producers, respectively.

While making sure he provides enough time and support for Widescope's roster of artists, Ebe ensures that his focus on his own career is never compromised, as he feels like he owes it to his fans to keep churning out songs.