Asia’s Phoenix Morissette rises with new self-produced EP 'Signature'

Morissette (Facebook)

The most compelling part of the story behind the mythical “Phoenix” is that it cannot be put to rest, it will always fight to live on. The “Phoenix” regenerates and rises from its ashes, awakening more beautifully and elegantly than before.

Morissette has always had an illustrious singing career, but being Asia’s Phoenix, she rises again by taking on the one challenge she was destined to hurdle. To write and produce her own music. She has been an integral part of OPM’s rise in the digital age.

Dubbed by the media as one of the best singing stars shining among counterparts like Angeline Quinto, Jona, and even the queen herself, Regine Velasquez.

Now, not only a singing star, Morissette embarks on a journey of newfound self-discovery and vulnerability, by co-writing and producing her own songs with her very first self-produced EP (Extended Play mini album) called “Signature”.

The “Signature” EP is Morissette’s debut as a singer/songwriter. It is a manifestation of how empowered she has become as an artist after so many years in the industry. Not only has Morissette proved herself as a world-class performer, she has also exhibited her talents as a songwriter, music producer, digital marketer and creative director.

With the help of her fiance, Dave Lamar, who co-wrote and co-produced the EP with her, and her musical producer, Xergio Ramos, the "Signature" EP boasts of five all-original Morissette songs.

Two songs of the EP, “Love You Still” and “Phoenix” have already been previously released and have given fans and music lovers a taste of what Morissette can do as a singer/songwriter. Both songs cumulatively gained over a million listens on streaming sites like Spotify and Apple Music.

The songs have also charted on the Billboard charts. The EP features three all-new original Morissette songs called “Trophy”, “Will You Stay” and “Mirror”. The EP’s carrier single, “Trophy”, serves as an anthem for standing up and fighting for one’s own self, identity, and individuality as it empowers everyone who has gone through the pain of a one-sided relationship.

The "Signature" EP is out now on all streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music with the help of Underdog Music PH by Stages Sessions.

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