LOOK: The elegant venue of Rep. Claudine Bautista's lavish wedding in Balesin

Floral and event designer Gideon Hermosa and Rep. Claudine Bautista

International floral and event designer Gideon Hermosa took to Instagram to show the venue of the lavish wedding of Party-list Rep. Claudine Bautista of Drivers United for Mass Progress and Equal Rights (DUMPER).

On Instagram, Gideon wrote: "The guest list may be short and sweet but that doesn't make your special days any less memorable. Your milestones are always worth celebrating."

Celebrities Agot Isidro, Enchong Dee, Pokwang and Ogie Diaz and other sectors have slammed Bautista for “indulging” in a luxurious wedding instead of addressing the plight of the PUV drivers.

"That gown alone can feed hundred of families of displaced drivers. And you're representing which sector again, Cong. Claudine Bautista?" said Agot.

"The money for commuters and drivers went to her wedding. Let’s not prolong this conversation and don’t say otherwise," said Enchong.

Diaz said: "Grabe si Ate na representative ng mga drivers. Baka naman me accomplishment siya during pandemic, pakilatag ang resibo."

"Ok ano na? ang class ng representative ng mga drivers ha… naka Michael Cinco na wedding gown… edi wow!!! BONGGA KA DAI!! BONGGA KA DAI!! Beep! Beep! tabiiiiiii!! ang masagasaan edi sorry," wrote Pokwang.

Rep. Bautista got married in luxury destination Balesin Island Resort in Polilio, Quezon.